Dear Sir or Madam
My name is SCA. I am 28 years of age and …… by nationality. I am hereby applying for entrance to the Master's Program in International Health in your noble university for the 2014/15 academic year.
I really appreciate this opportunity to provide further information in support of my application. My choice of University of ………. (name of state) for my Master’s program was based on what I have heard and read about …. (name of state) and for that matter, ….. (name of country) . A friend who is currently undertaking a course in …. (name of state) explains to me the quality of education he is receiving. Again, after reading the spring of 2013 survey of the University of …. (name of state), where more than 70 per cent of the students were very satisfied with student life at the university and where 90 per cent of the students would recommend ….(name of univ.) to others, I realized that it is the university that will help me achieve my dreams. Moreover my quest for learning diversity of cultures further deepened my interest and a university in the former capital and the second largest city in ….. (name of country, the University of …. (name of state) is the most appropriate.
I had most of my education in rural areas and that influenced my choice of course for my bachelor’s degree in the university. Even though I had radiography background, I felt I was not impacting much on the poor and the needy in the society like where I began my childhood education. I also realized that those who are supposed to work and also put measures in place to promote the health of these poor and vulnerable are not up to the task either because they do not have a caring heart or they do not have the technical know-how. I therefore made it a point to enroll in a course that will enable me to identify and critically analyze key factors shaping the health and well-being of populations in low- and middle-income countries, as well as to be able to formulate effective and appropriate responses to complex health-related issues.
The Haiti earthquake disaster in 2010 and its health impact touched my heart. The desire to help in such situations further pushed me to study Public Health so as to be useful to people who will need my expertise. To be able to achieve this dream, I virtually had to save almost every bit of my salary to afford the fees. That meant that I could not quit my job or even take a leave. I therefore combined learning with active work. This, even though was extremely difficult and challenging, I believe has made me tougher to be able to withstand any situation that I might encounter in my next level of education.
I believe when I am given the opportunity to study in your institution, I can impact on the other students for the fact that I had an opportunity to work in one of the periphery health facilities in one of the rural communities in my region after completing my Bachelor’s program. The CHPS Compound as it is popularly referred to, is the most basic unit of the …. (name of a country) Heath Service. It is an acronym for Community-based Health planning and Service. Through this strategy, there is community participation in health planning and services. Health Professionals on daily basis visit homes in their catchment areas and provide vaccination for children, compound specific health education, provide treatment for minor ailments and refer complex conditions to higher medical facilities. This opportunity helped me learn about health in poor and rural communities and I am sure this knowledge will be beneficial to my class.
With this passion for caring for the less-privileged and the passion to excel, I am confident that I will bring a high level of energy and enthusiasm to your program and enrich the program by enabling fellow students to benefit from my ambitions and open nature. I am sure to exceed your expectations.
Thank you for considering my application and I look forward to your acceptance.

Sincerely yours.