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    win it off you, further up the pitch


    Regarding to the phrase below:
    His move to Chelsea seemed all set up. A question kept nagging at me: why did Benítez not trust Gerrard as a central midfield player? The one thing we could be sure of in my later years against Liverpool was that if their two central midfielders won it off you they would not do much with it. If Gerrard was in there and he won it against you, you knew he had the legs and the ambition to go right forward and hurt you. I could never understand why Liverpool so often neglected to play him centre-mid. In 2008–09, when they finished second with 86 points, they had Alonso to make the passes and Gerrard further up the pitch behind Torres.

    what do mean these two expressions which I named above in the title?
    and "pitch" what does it mean per se?

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    Re: win it off you, further up the pitch

    Won it off you = gained control of the ball.

    Further up the pitch = nearer to your opponents' goal.

    Pitch = field of play.

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