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    second conditional

    I have a question about the second conditional.
    I know that we use it for unreal situations (present and future).
    But can we use it for the real past? For example, "When I was a child, if talked with my brother badly, my dad would be very angry."

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    Re: second conditional

    Your example is grammatically correct, but it has a major problem. The expression "to talk badly with" is so unnatural as to be meaningless. Perhaps you meant "argued with my brother" or "fought with my brother." On a lesser point, it would be more natural to say "My dad would get (or become) very angry." However there is no problem at all with the way you have linked the two conditionals.

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    Re: second conditional

    When I was a child, if I argued with my brother,my dad would get very angry.

    This is correct, but it is not a second conditional. Second conditional sentences are about a counterfactual present or a hypothetical future.

    Your sentence is about a real past - On those occasions when I argued with my brother, my father habitually got angry.

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