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    prasal verb

    I help my learner prepare for External Standardised Testing which is held in our country for those who are going to go to university. We are analysing the previous tests. There is a sentence from the part "Use of English" (the text is about a girlband): "The three became friends as soon as they met and (32) _________ to write and record the huge Angels with Dirty Faces album."
    32 A went down B went off C went on D went up
    The correct answer is C. But I have to explain this item.
    I managed to learn that "go down" and "go up" are not used with "to do". There is a structure "go off to do sth" which means "to leave a place": "I went off to play golf." "Go on to do sth" have a meaning "do sth after you have finished doing sth else": She went on to become a successful surgeon." Does it mean that she didn't use to be a surgeon before? I need more ccontext with "go on to do sth". I don't "feel" the item (non-native speakers would understand me).
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    Re: prasal verb

    not a teacher

    "do sth after you have finished doing sth else"

    The girl band went on to write and record (did sth) after they had met and become friends (had finished doing sth else).

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