I am writing to express my interest in pursuing the Ph.D. in communications in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. I am excited by the prospect of performing research and broadening my knowledge of wireless communications technology, and I believe I would make an excellent doctoral candidate. Professor Lian Zhao and I have discussed the Ph.D. program, and she has agreed to serve as my major professor should I be accepted.
Two years ago, I got my bachelor degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, major in Telecommunication. Then, I had a scholarship to study a master degree in South Korea, where I am studying and working as a research assistant. My research interest include 4G LTE/LTE-Advanced network, radio resource management, device-to-device (D2D) communication, and signal processing for wireless communication. My prior academic background has focus on telecommunication and electronic, where I maintain an active interest. In the field of wireless communication, power and bandwidth are precious resources. There is great research attention on how to use these resources efficiently. My current work on the topic of D2D communication is an example. Our group has been working on it since 2012. We have focused on the scheme where D2D pairs reuse cellular resources, and proposed algorithms to allocate resources and manage mutual interference. Our proposal brings us a funded research project this year. Thus, I am particularly in researching new methods for managing radio resource in other advanced communication schemes. Professor Lian Zhao’s group is an excellent fit for me since my research is in her interest field. Especially, she has a funded project working on radio resource management for cooperative wireless communication networks, and she welcomes me to join her group in this research direction. Given my interests and experience, I believe I may also be a good candidate.
I am currently working with Professor Oh-Soon Shin at Wireless Communication Lab, where we have a research group focus on the D2D topic. We have published our first paper on this subject early this year. In this work, we propose a method for the base station to choose the cellular resource to share with the D2D link. The idea for the paper came after I attended a workshop last year, when I had a chance listening to a presentation of Professor Daesik Hong, who had published some excellent works on D2D technique. At the workshop, he gave us the overview of recently work on the topic and recommended the research direction. I shared his view that resource allocation for D2D communication should be based on location information of users rather than channel state information because distanced-based scheme is simple and practical. That view shaped our work and when I presented it together with our first research result at an international conference I received a lot of concerns and feedback. These opinions help us direct our research work and progress significantly. As a result, I have authored or co-authored four conference papers and one peer-reviewed journal.
I want to pursue a Ph.D. not only because I would like to research at a higher level, but also because I know I would benefit personally from the increased depth and breadth of knowledge and experience I would gain from the process. After earning the Ph.D. I would like to either continue in a high-level research position or work in academia as a professor. I would love to advise students and teach courses in wireless communication, probability and random process, or a combination of the two.
Thank you for considering my application.