Hi everyone,

Being a non-native speaker of English, when I was reading some literary commentaries, I encountered some sentences, which either multiply or omit the conjunction "and," written in a way that contradicts my prior knowledge of English grammar. Are the following sentences grammatical? If not, is it good to write in these ways?

1. A city of alienation is seen through the lens of dream, illness, hallucination.

2. It endlessly creates possibilities for new encounters, new solidarities, etc., which accounts for the overall melancholy in this city of strangers, sojourners, migrants.

3. The city could be seen as a dehumanised and alienating space, of specialised and mechanical and deadly and competitive labour, the apocalyptic metropolis-necropolis where people are crowded together, enslaved, and estranged from each other, never at home.

4. The metropolis itself compacts modernist flows and connections in a single space of extraordinary vitality and variety, and can also seem a great emporium of novelty and opportunity, of liberation from the restrictions of past obligations and superstitions and traditions, similar to growing up.

Thank you very much!