We need Zoos Do you agree or disagree? Give examples and reasons to support your opinion.

In my opinion, we donít need Zoos.

For example, in the past the majority of Zoos served simply to display animals, in order to learn about them. Their collection were for the study of zoology, and that was the reason why they kept the animals in captivity. However, the study of zoology has changed over the time, and the focus is more related to the animal conservation endanger. So, the emergency of the conservation areas has overcome the mission of the Zoos.

Another example, many zoos have a curators team to cover each taxonomic group of animals, and they can consider some animals under the category of conservation. But Zoos will never replicate the enviroment where the animals lives. They can be large and particularly very-well equipped for the accomodation of the animals. However, all this can be consider just an artifitial way to maintain the animals in captivity.

Finally, Zoos foster the market of captivity animals, and with this the emergence of black market too. Making them just a simply commodity, with this the primal mission of Zoos vanishes. The educational aspect of this type of organizations become just a futility justification.

For those reason, I believe that we donít need Zoos.