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    Question 3 questions about the sentence"The tradition of religious sculpture extends..."

    Hello teachers,
    Here is the sentence :

    "The tradition of religious sculpture extends over most historical periods but is less clearly delineated than that of stonewares or porcelains, for it embraces the old custom of earthenware burial ceramics with later religious images and architectural ornament."

    I have some questions about the sentence.
    1. What does it mean "than that of stonewares or porcelains" ?

    2. "for it embraces the old..."
    I thought the grammar rule is "for+N./Ving" but why it uses "V.(embraces)"?

    3. Which of the sentences best expresses the essential information?
    A) Religious sculpture was created in most periods, but its history is less clear than that of stonewares or porcelains because some old forms continued to be used even when new ones were developed.
    B) The historical development of religious sculpture is relatively unclear because religious sculptures
    sometimes resemble earthenware architectural ornaments.
    I wonder why the answer is (A), what's wrong with (B)?

    Thank you in advance. :)
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