Hello Guys,

I will be taking the CPE exam in December and the most difficult part of the exam is the Writing section. I would really appreciate if you guys could review my essay and make the proper corrections. I would also be grateful if you could give me some tips on how to improve as well. Here it goes:

The power of music:

It doesn't matter who you are or where you come from: music plays, at least, some role in your life. Some people prefer to listen to songs when partying, others when studying and, finally, those who use it for relaxing.

As it can be noticed, music is capable of bringing out the deepest feelings and emotions that exist inside us and, very often, is able to make the human being more sensible.

Considering that, it is natural to think that musical education should start in someone's life as soon as possible, especially if it is done during the childhood, where the capacity of learning is enhanced due to some brain factors as neuroplasticity. That would enable the child to get more in touch with her inner self and, perhaps, would improve her understanding about the world as well.

Besides, some specialists argue that, apart from causing intense emotions, the regular exposure to music may also stimulate the development of other skills. So, it would be interesting if music was added to our regular educational course, since listening is as important as writing and reading, as some scientists point out.

However, the only question left out is what kind of music should be employed in the schools. Rock, classical, folk, popular? There are those who regard classical as superior and, because of that, it should be the only to be used in education. That is probably outdated and not true because centuries ago classical music was then the contemporary music, the most listened by people. Analogically, nowadays people listen to rock and popular music which are the modern forms of music.

Therefore, it is without question that music make a big difference in our lives, either in a larger or a shorter extent, depending on the person. The problem right now is that some students don't get the proper education in how to appreciate it. At least, if was done so, it is very likely that they could enormously enhance their cognitive and learning abilities.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Best Regards,
Lucas Schust.