Hi, the respected administraters.

I am not sure if this is the right place to post the question. If it is, please tell me how I can get my account back.

For a very long time till now, I have been reading the threads without logging in and today, when I have such a need, I sadly found that all the passwords I tried failed.

The account I am puzzled with is "cubezero3". As you can see, my current account comes from it.

I can't remember the email adrees I used to register "cubezero3". But when I did my registration, I used a photo of me as my icon so if a video chat can be arranged in some way, it is easily to make sure I am the owner of the account.

I feel so sad that I cann't access the questions I asked in the past.

Please, if anyone knows any way that can solve my problem, please reply and let me know.

Many thanks