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Thread: Highway lanes

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    Highway lanes

    How does one describe a roadway consisting of one lane running in each direction?
    If a bridge were involved, I would say "The bridge has one lane running in each direction" since I am uncertain as to the image you get from "The bridge has a two-lane highway." Would the latter not give the impression that the bridge consists of a highway with 2 lanes running each way?
    It's probably so obvious - I've just been giving this one too much thought.

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    Re: Highway lanes

    Hello Bill

    If this is what you mean (click here), I'd call it a "single carriageway".


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    Re: Highway lanes

    Thank you, MrPedantic.
    You wouldn't by chance know the North American term for the same? If it would be a one-lane or two-lane highway (depending on whether the lanes running in a single direction are calculated or the total number of lanes shoulder-to-shoulder?)

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