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    bucketed with the rain.


    We had been forced to field a full team on the previous Saturday in order to beat Everton 4–2 at Goodison Park, while Milan had rested nine players for their game against us, which was on the Tuesday. We were simply not as well prepared as our Italian opponents. We conceded twice in 15 minutes, it bucketed with rain, and we just couldn’t break out of our own half.

    Does it mean that the situation got worth by the rain?

    And break out, I think here It would mean "to escape".
    Any idea?

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    Re: bucketed with the rain.

    not a teacher

    "bucketed with rain" = it rained very heavily, as if it were coming down in bucketfuls.
    "break out of our own half" = to force their way over the halfway and into attack.
    To "break out of prison" means "to escape", but "escape" is not appropriate in the football example.

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