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    flag up , homeless football

    Bébé is the only player I ever signed without first seeing him in action. We have a good scout in Portugal who had flagged him up. This boy had been playing homeless football and became a triallist for a second division team.


    For the first undelined part could one say that it means: that scout had made us (people) to notice (see) him?

    for the second one, hmeless football, Does it means a football which not to be played at own's countery.


    Triallist, what does it mean?

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    Re: flag up , homeless football

    not a teacher

    "who had flagged him up"
    I haven't heard this phrase before but from the context I'm confident that you're correct. The scout in Portugal brought Bébé to the club's attention.

    "homeless football"
    Bébé was in fact homeless as a young boy, having been abandoned by his parents. He was living in a shelter for the homeless when he was invited to play for a side in the 2009 European Street Football Festival. You can read more about his life here:ébé

    "a triallist" = a player who practises and perhaps plays some non-competition games with a club, but is not yet registered with that club. He is being trialled by the club to see if and how he fits in with their plans.
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    Re: flag up , homeless football

    Flag up- you're right, it's to draw attention to something/someone

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