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    Unknown phrase

    Dear Sirs!
    In a book I read an unknown phrase and I ask here what it might mean. I give the context:
    'A soldier shot him during his charge. He died but a few minutes ago.' Edric looked past Roran, then towards the mound of bodies.'
    'You defied my orders, Stronghammer.'
    'I did!'
    Edric held out an open hand toward him.
    'Captain, no!' exclaimed Harald, stepping forward. 'If it weren't for Roran, none of us would be standing here. And you should have seen what he did; he slew nearly two hundred by himself!'

    source: Christopher Paolini: 'Eragon' volume three: 'Brisingr' p 527 - Alfred A. Knopf/New York ed 2010

    I cannot see any context in the underlined sentence in context with an insubordination, as is the case here. What does it mean?
    Best regards

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    Re: Unknown phrase

    not a teacher

    Further on in the same paragraph it says that Roran handed over his hammer, sword and dagger to Edric.
    So Edric was holding out his open hand because he expected Roran to give him his weapons.

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