Dear Sir/Madam;
I am writing to express my interest in applying for Master of xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Aquatic ecosystems has always delighted me, being born and raised along the shores of xxxx. My affinity for aquatic sciences stems from the fact that aquatic ecosystems provide livelihoods for several individuals and the current threats facing these vital ecosystems such as overexploitation, climate change and human population increase. There is need to increase the understanding of the aquatic ecosystems so as to develop aquatic conservation decisions which are properly scientifically informed.
My academic background and professional experience has equipped me with the qualities required to meet the qualifications for this programme. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in (Environmental Conservation and Natural Resources management) from the University of xxx, School of biological sciences. During my undergraduate studies I did a three months internship at the xxxxxx ichthyology section where I was introduced to fish biodiversity research techniques, and I did an individual research project ‘Merismatics and Mophometric comparison of Oreochromis niloticus from Lake Turkana (Kenya) and Sudd Swamp (The Republic of southern Sudan)-Supervised by xxxxxx)’. After my undergraduate studies, I got selected for the International Research Experience for Students- A project funded by the National Science Foundation of the USA in collaboration with the University of xxx, xxxx University, and the National Museums of xxxx-which focused mainly in Fish biodiversity, molecular laboratory techniques, aquatic invertebrates and the physical-chemical properties of water in the five major drainage basins in xxxx, I worked with a team of highly distinguished hydro-biologist, and it was a great start on my hands-on experience hydrobiology. After that, I have been working with xxxxxas a research mentee which involves workshops and seminars and research projects.
The multi-disciplinary approach of this master programme and a major focus on conservation Biology and Ecosystem satisfy what I need in my further studies. Additionally, the faculty and the reputation of the institutions offering this programme is great and I will be privileged to learn from them. This programme will offer me an opportunity to interact with various individuals from different parts of the world and this very necessary for my pursuit to becoming an international research hydro-biologist.
If given this opportunity, after graduation, I will continue working with xxxx (my research mentor group), to offer my acquired knowledge and experience better our organisation’s research work. xxxxxx also engages in mentoring young aquatic scientists and I will be happy to share what I learnt from this programme with the xxxxx students. This masters programme involves a core course in In-situ and Remote Sensing Tools in Aquatic Sciences and Environmental Modelling, these two important elements are not covered in xxxxxx because of lack of expertise and gaining knowledge and experience on these will enable to introduce an effective GIS techniques and environmental modelling aspects into xxxxxx’s research work. I have a strong leadership background, and with this programme I will be able to be in frontline in articulating our research findings more effectively to the Kenyan government, this will positively influence the conservation measures needed. I am having plans to further my studies to PHD level three years after graduating from this programme, so that I can get a teaching job to be share the knowledge and experience with the students.
I am looking forward for admission to this programme, a pursuit of career in research and experience of excitement and satisfaction of being interested at the forefront of this important field of study. Based on my academic knowledge and experience, I believe I have the capabilities and potential to this MSC programme. I am confident that I will be objectives of this MSc programme and xxxx scholarship. I am waiting for your kind and positive response. Thank you for your time and consideration. I will be happy to provide further information or documents if required.