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Thread: He is Cold

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    He is Cold

    In my daughter's "3rd english book" I found the following sentence which I think is not correct:

    "He is cold . He should put on his sweater"

    Is the use of "He is cold" is Ok in this context?
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    Re: He is Cold

    Yes; it's perfectly normal English. It means exactly the same as "he feels cold".

    Also, we have:

    He is warm.
    He is hot.
    He is hungry.
    He is thirsty.
    He is tired.

    ...and so on.

  2. matilda

    Talking Re: He is Cold

    yes.why not.
    it is completely correct


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    Re: He is Cold

    Ok thank you all for your nice answers
    I thought that the use of
    "he feels cold" is more suitable

    but thanks to your replies I know that both answers is OK , but I am not going to use "he is cold" in my speech . I do not like it

    thanks again

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