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    Check my summary, please!

    Can you check my grammar and style, please? This is my summary about the site below.
    "I have read a text from the website wwwkickstartercom. There I have founded articles about the company "Kickstarter", their funding platform and other information about offered services. In general, I have chosen this text, because "Kickstarter" as a project is unique, and for me it was interesting to explore and get known with such phenomenon.
    To begin with, I would like to say that the author of the topic is Yancey Strickler, who is co-founder and head of communications at Kickstarter. As he said in the first paragraph, modern technology and the social web has opened up a lot of possibilities for entrepreneurs and creative people. So, by the view of the majority, Kickstarter is a platform that’s been growing fast in popularity and making business opportunities possible for those willing to get started. In the next part Strickler informs us that it is a service that allows artists, musicians, activists, and would-be civic leaders to raise money for projects by soliciting donations from the masses. Also he points out that it operates by a system of threshold pledges, in which individuals can promise to donate any sum of money but won’t have to pay it unless the project reaches a concrete financing goal by a date that is determined at the start of the fundraising process. Traditional marketing won’t necessarily get people on board as everybody knows. The author goes on to say that to be successful, a Kickstarter project must be adept at using videos, essays, and photography to grab the attention of strangers and persuade them to back an idea that doesn’t yet exist, and perhaps never will. There is also the “All or Nothing” rule, which is described by author. Yancey emphasizes that creator can only collect the funds if the funding goal has been reached by the deadline. If the goal is not reached in time, no money changes hands. Kickstarter has put this rule in place to minimize the risk for everyone. If a project can’t generate enough funds and is stuck trying to deliver to current funders when there wasn’t money raised, it can be tough on everyone. At the end of the text author also reports that some of its most famous projects have included independent films, iPod accessories, restaurants, novels, and community gardens.
    Taking up into account the all above-mentioned, we can say that Kickstarter is the online service that gives anyone with an idea a forum to raise money, helps turn imagination, storytelling, and honesty into most compelling aspects of a business plan. Seems to me that Kickstarter is the most important tech company since Facebook. Maybe more important in the long run."
    Thank you!

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    Re: Check my summary, please!

    When will you submit this piece to your teacher/tutor for marking?
    Remember - if you don't use correct capitalisation, punctuation and spacing, anything you write will be incorrect.

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