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    pls correct my essay

    could u pls correct my essay?and tell me my ielts score!?

    topic:people have become concern about environment protection.but unfortunately they have done nothing to protect it.the reason?what thing must done to encourage people taking their responsibility?

    The issue of environment protection is a complex and sensitive one which today many people concern about it,However we can not see any practical attempt to protect it.In this essay, I will explore the reasons and solution to this problem.

    there are many reasons why people have not done anything to protect environment.First,people are often reluctant to assist because the results of their contribution are no easy to see early on.foe example , we do not see the direct impact of recycling,walking instead of driving and reducing our water it can be difficult to underestand the huge difference that these actions make.In addition most people have a feeling that technology will solve the environmental problems and issues.So the individuals attempt is not important more.Furthermore many people believe that protecting environment is not their duty and also they do not have enough time to think about it and it is the the environmentalist and government job.

    On the other hand ,there are many ways to encourage people to protect our environment. Each government could organize Eco-friendly and environment loving communities and societies in their neighborhood,schools and collages. Moreover teaching students and children at an early ages will be effective , because they will become aware of protection ways, such as recycling. In addition by publishing more books and magazine related to environment we can increase people knowledge.For the last we must produce some tv programs or advertisement about easy and simple ways to help like saving energy,saving water,planting trees.

    All in all, In my opinion ,all people actions can make a difference about environment so moreover conserning about environmental protect.individuals must do something to protect it.
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    Re: pls correct my essay

    When are you going to submit this essay to a teacher/tutor to be marked?
    Remember - if you don't use correct capitalisation, punctuation and spacing, anything you write will be incorrect.

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