Alone he sits upon his throne in the heart of the otherwise desolate castle. The golden plated structure he inhabits sits on a barren hill high above the city, far from the reproach of potential visitors and passerbys. Seldom do people visit the intimidating structure. The few visitors that have broken through the barriers blocking the entrance from the world are sworn to secrecy. Those that pass by the gleaming building gaze upon it with envy. Little do they know that just beyond the ornately decorated doors there only lies bland stone walls cracked by the pressure and weight of the facade. The empty corridors seem to reflect the regret, self-hatred, and sadness that radiates from the man that constructed the monsterous fortress.

The same strangers that envied the home would speculate the horrible and wonderful things that happened inside it's impressive walls. None of these theories ever matched the truth. No one ever suspected that the embelished exterior was just a cover. The structure was crumbling beneath. Years of rumours, pent up emotions, and lack of maintence had ravages the structure and it's inhabitant.

One sunny day the villagers surrounding the mighty fortress heard crashing and clanging coming from the hilltop. They all watched as the once glorious marvel fell to the ground. The man that confined himself inside of its walls laid on the ground, crushed beneath the gilded fort that was supposed to protect him from the pain caused by a cruel world. The observers watched the ordeal until it was completely finished, then they continued with the mundane tasks that had occupied their time before the incident. No one went to save the man whose life held on by a single thread. Alone he had lived and alone he perished. Slowly he exited the land of the living as his body began to decompose among the rubble of the only thing he had ever trusted.


This story is the symbolism of the facade that I created and how it eventually crushed me inside, leaving me alone and hopeless. It is the first expressive writing I have ever done. Good and bad feedback are welcome! I will do anything to improve my writing abilities!