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    Silent way method

    Hello! I am lost again. I am studying to become a teacher of English and my Methodology classes are becoming more and more confusing. I was asked to write a lesson plan in which there should be one activity in Silent Way. I have read about this method a few times but I still don't know how should I plan the activity and what's more important how should I teach it as I am to present this on Thursday. I need some help!!! If it will be possible could anybody send me links to sites where I can find examples of activities in Silent Way or explain how Silent Way works. I will be grateful for any information and advice.

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    Re: Silent way method

    Hello Czekoladka,

    Witam i pozdrawiam...

    What a sweet nickname is that...

    OK. Back on topic. I'd like very much to help you out, but I cannot remember working with that particular method during my years as an EFL teacher. However, a quick Google search with 'silent method EFL' as the query keywords reveals 20 000 plus sites, of which many could probably be of some use to you, but it's certainly up to you to decide which ones.

    So if no-one else pops up with a more concrete piece of advice, please accept mine - along with best wishes of ultimate success.

    Kind regards,


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    Re: Silent way method

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