Dear sally,
I'm sorry i haven't written since last week but I've been busy settling down to my new town.Anyway i decided to drop you a line to let you know about my new life.
Our new town is very quiet and lovely as I'm living right in the heart of the town with a marvelous view of a park so I can unwind on the green refreshing grass and breath a clean air.It's very different from the town I used to live in as there are many things to do that I'll never be at a loose end.
I got to a very modern school.In fact it was build last year and what glad me that it's only a ten minute walk to school from my home so i wouldn't walk up early! It has state of art facilities,professional teachers and super size cafeteria! that wasn't offered in my old school.
To my surprise I met a new friend which has the same character as yours. she is strong willed and light-hearted. she knows all types of tricks and she'll make you cry your eyes out.Although she can be a major nuisance and a pain in neck the school would be like a graveyard without her.
Looking forward to hearing from you and I hope you're hunky-dory! give my love and kisses to your younger brother.
Love from,