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    Letter of application - Need correction - Test soon


    I am new here and i hope that you forgive me if i post this into the wrong section. I am going to have an English test soon and may you are seeing that i am not the best in English. So i decided that I learn the letter of application. But I need some help and i hope that i can get it here.
    So i ask you if this is a correct version for an letter of application (espacily the phragraphs).
    20 September 2013

    Miss Winkler
    37 England Street

    Ref: {Name of the vacancy}

    Dear Sir or Madam / Dear Mr Winkler / Dear Miss Winkler

    I am a Seventeen-year-old Austrian high school student and am writing to you with regard to the job advertisement on your website.

    I think I am the right person for this job because I have all the personal characteristics and professional skills you are looking for. I am good at dealing with problems and unexpected situations. My native language is German, but I can also speak English and Spanish

    For further information about my person, qualifications and experience, I would like to refer you to the enclosed copies of certificates, letters of recommendation and CV.

    I would be very glad if you invited me for a job interview so that I can convince you of my personal characteristics as well as my skills.
    I am already looking forward to receiving a positive answer from you.

    Yours faithfully, / Yours sincerely,

    Simon Teufl


    Thank you for your time,

    Blade Fire

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    Re: Letter of application - Need correction - Test soon

    I can help you even with your other assignments. Just contact me.

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