Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone could check up my dialog and point out my mistakes. Your comments are welcome.
A: Hi!
B: Hi,Evelina.
A: Did you hear about Jesse trip?
B: Yes, I think it is an amazing experience.
A: I agree with you. Our family is now planning a trip around the world too.
B: Really? In which countries are you planning to travel?
A: We are thinking to travel to Mexico, China and South Africa
B: Sounds good, What do you choose would way of travelling?
A: From lithuania we will fly by plane to Mexico, from mexico we will sail by liner to China and from China we will fly by plane to South Africa.What do you think would be the best way of travelling?
B: I think the best way of travelling is travel by plane or by car. Travelling by plane has many advantages. There are no stressful traffic jams, and plane are fast and comfortable. The advantages of travel b y car is that it is usually thrilling and fun.
A: Also, I think one of the best way of travelling is travel by train. Trains are
cheaper and significantly roomier and more comfortable.
B: I agree with you. Iím planning to travel to Madaganas by train.
A: Really? That will be very long trip.
B: When you will be in China?
A : I think we will celebrate a New Years in China. We want to see a New Years festival.
B:I too,will be in China at New Years. Maybe we can will meet.
A: Thats good idea. I hope we will meet in China. Sorry I have to go now. I will call you late.
B:Ok.I'm looking forward to seeing your photos when you get back. Goodbye!
A: Bye!

Thanks very much!!!