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    want to know

    can we use being to show future actions?

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    Re: want to know

    Hello Arash

    It's very unusual to use "being" as part of a future tense. But it is possible:

    1. If he is sent to prison for a crime that he didn't commit, he will be being punished unjustly.

    here, we have a passive future progressive tense.

    2. If she says that she likes you, she will be being dishonest.

    here, we have an active future progressive tense.


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    Re: want to know

    More common are constructions like the following:

    Next year, I am being promoted.
    Tomorrow, I am being presented with a gift.

    English has no true future tense -- unlike French, for example -- and so we have to use either modal verbs ("will" being a common choice) or a construction which involves the present continuous. MrPedantic has given you perhaps the only reasonable example of "being" used in an active construction to refer to the future -- "being" is most commonly found in passive constructions.

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    Re: want to know

    thank you very much dear sir i really appreciate your cooperation in this regard.

    sir as long as i am interperter i would like to know some basic guidace of how to traslate the formal english documents or is there any intenet site for this purpose or any books.

    and if you please tell me the basic parts of speech i really appreciate it in advance.


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