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    Which one do you think it is correct? and why? thanks.

    1. not many come to my home
    2. many not come to my home

    Thank You,

    Warmest Regards,


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    Re: Option

    I think the first one,just because:
    -the first reason is that:If you put the first sentence into a context,it does make sense.For examples:
    Elan:How about the party last night?
    Smith:Not many come to my home.
    -the second sentence(actually,don't know It can be called "sentence",it has no verb!!)I think it need a verb!


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    Re: Option

    The first sentence is correct, I agree. "not", an adverb, modifies "many", an adjective in form, but a substantive noun in function. That is, "many" stands for many people: Not many people come to my house.

    The second sentence has a verb. It's "come", and to negate it use "do not" or "don't", like this,

    EX: Many don't come to my house.

    All the best.

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