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    I need to practice writing simple and condensed, with proper grammar and punctuation. This is not for a grade so I dont count it as class work but if anyone could just come in and give me suggestions to make this more sharp, or grammatically sound I would appreciate it. Thanks.

    The topic is about SETI (SEARCH FOR EXTRA TERRESTRIAL INTELLIGENCE) Is Anybody Out There…Anybody There?

    The search for any intelligence beyond Earth is a waste of time. The world should focus their time and energy into fixing their own problems first. Many countries are at war with each other and have been for decades. The United States is over their heads with government issues, bailouts, and an increasing national debt. Many third world countries have children starving and dying every day, yet we still waste our time “searching for answers” in space.
    I know there is no life beyond Earth, but let’s say there is extraterrestrial intelligence. If we were to make contact with another planet it may take millions, possibly billions of years to get a message sent. Many scientists don’t expect the earth to last more than 2 billion years before it burns out, while others only expect it to last 40 million years. There is no point to keep trying, failing, and wasting time and money with this unending search.
    People will never stop questioning about extraterrestrial intelligence; however, I believe they will only be disappointed. We should stop caring so much about what is out there and start to focus on problems of this world. I do not care what may or may not be out in space because I believe differently than many people. There is nothing wrong with people believing in life beyond earth, but it is unnecessary to care so deeply about it, or go to far extents to prove its realty.
    Search for extraterrestrial intelligence has few if any implications for the modern world. If we established communication with another planet, it would only prove myself and others wrong. Beating the odds you would still have to hope they have enough intelligence to communicate, and shed light to technology, medicine, or knowledge to actually make a difference in our world. It is no help if we find a planet that holds plankton as they cannot communicate with us, nor us with them. If something like this is discovered it will have no effect on my life or how I go about it.
    Many people have unrealistic expectations of life beyond Earth. Television has corrupted the minds and thought process’ of everyone. Earth is the only planet with gravity, breathable oxygen, and life. It was made that way for a reason. Many people cannot accept that they are the only ones out there so they spend their whole lives searching, only to fail and waste a lifetime of searching. Others make use of what life they have and strive to make a difference in the world, the only world.
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