I am currently tutoring a schoolboy. The main purpose is to help him with his homework and help him get better grades so I base our lessons around his coursebook and try not to deviate from it so as not to confuse him. The problem I have encountered though, is that his school teacher does not reward kids for good performance. He used to get very bad grades but now he is improving and the teacher says it is not his merit but that someone is helping him. Obviously, I never do his homework for him, but I explain the rules to him and teach him to reason and make the right decisions as to which tenses to use, etc. Now we find ourselves in this situation: the pupil is scared of learning and performing well because he gets told off by his teacher for improving, and I cannot work with him in such a state of mind. I can't tell him not to listen to his teacher because she has a certain authority. Anyone been in a similar situation? Suggestions are welcome.