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    Calling all teachers!!

    I posed a question to the forum a few months back and received some great feedback on the subject of "invigilator" and other terms referring to exams.
    I have 3 more phrases relating to exams with a question or two relating to each. If anyone can clear these up, well, you'd make my weekend as well as my upcoming week!
    I have served as invigilator at/for a few exams.
    Does this sound better without the indefinite article (ie. "the invigilator")?
    As you can see, I am also doubtful as to which preposition would sound better in conjunction with "a few exams".
    She was external examiner at/for his oral exam.
    Same here. Wondering if "the" is better omitted before "external examiner" and I am also wondering about the "at/for" problem.
    She is the internal examiner.
    Simple sentence. Here we should keep the "the", right?
    She was the ministry-appointed examiner.
    As in no. 3, I would assume we should retain" the" before "ministry-".
    Thanks to anyone who can clear these up.

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    Re: Calling all teachers!!

    Hi Bill,

    1. My opinion is that it sounds equally natural with or without the indefinite article (which is "an" not "the", by the way). If you were the only invigilator, then the definite article ("the") also sounds correct. My preference would be "for", but "at" is not incorrect.

    2. "At/for" here is no more than individual preference. I would not say one is more correct than the other. "The external examiner" is definitely the correct form, however. Without "the", it is not incorrect, but sounds unnatural.

    3. Yes. In this case, "the" is mandatory. We are referring to a particular examiner.

    4. Exactly the same as 3.

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    Re: Calling all teachers!!

    Thank you very much, Coffa! Wow - that has to be one of the quickest replies ever!
    This definitely helps clear up my doubts. True, use of the definite or indefinite article would seem to be determined by the number of examiners in the building.
    At the language centre I taught at here in Denmark a few years ago, they were always talking about "the external examiner" since there was either only one in the building at one time, or there was no doubt as to which examiner they were talking about.
    Take care,

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