Can you replace "name A after B" with "call A after B"? This Korean question is very weird, and I have never heard of it.

Byeongman‘s Dad: Here we are. Athens, New York, our first
(A)stop on this trip.
Byeongman: Athens? Wait. Isn't that the name of a city in Greece?
Byeongman's Dad: Yes. Many people in this area (a)moved from Greece, so they (b)named the place after the famous city in their home country.
Byeongman: That makes sense.
Greek man 1: (c)We're from Athens. (d)Why don't we call this area Athens?
Greek man 2 : Great idea.
Byeongman's Dad: It's not just Greek names. All over the U.S., there are European place names.
Byeongman‘s Dad: (e)Sometimes they added 'new' to the original place names.
Byeongman: I see. That's why there are place names like New England and New York.
Byeongman's Dad: Right. Very good!!
Byeongman: Hmm. I wonder (B)if there are any Korean place names in the U.S.

1.Which is the one that can't replace the underlined?
① (a) = immigrated to
(b) = called
③ (c) = We come from Athens
④ (d) = Why not
⑤ (e) = Occasionally