I have a few questions regarding connected sounds in daily conversation.

1. I "walked on" the street.
Does ""walked on" sound like: /wɔːkton/ or /wɔːton/ (i.e missing the k sound) or /wɔːkon/ (i.e missing the t sound)?

2. I "talked to" him
Does "talked to" sound like: /tɔːkt tʊ/ or /tɔːk tʊ/ (i.e join the t's, if so it sounds like present tense)?

3. I "went there"

Does "went there" sound like: /wɛnt ɛ/ or /wɛn ɛ/ (i.e no t's sound)?

4. He "kicked my" butt
Does "kicked my" sound like: /kɪkt mʌɪ/ or /kɪk mʌɪ/ ?

The first choice in each sentence does not sound fluent to me. It is hard for me to talk fast with "fully pronounced words". But if I chose the second or the third choice I am worry that they would not be the correct way to speak.

Thanks for your help.