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    nothing could be further from the truth

    1.Does "pulling these ideas out of the air" mean "make these ideas out of nowhere(without any base or effort)" "pull sth out of the air" also seems to have the meaning of "fabricate something".
    2.Does "nothing could be further from the truth" mean "nothing is further from the truth than what is talked about", meaning "that is least true or false"?
    3. Does "line" mean "a certain area of activity"?

    5.The salesperson who wants to have a ready answer for any argument must know his product inside out. He makes it his business to learn all he can about it. The executive who has a reputation for always coming up with good practical ideas at the conference table may appear to be pulling these ideas out of the air, but nothing could be further from the truth. She usually has spent a good deal of time studying all the problems that may come up. She is not the type who shuts off her thinking ability the moment she leavs her office. She does research into her business; she is genuinely interested in it. This is a great lesson for you. If you want to think clearly and effectively about your own line of endeavor (or anything else), learn all you can about it!

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    Re: nothing could be further from the truth

    1. Yes.
    2. It means it is untrue. It is very far from the truth.
    3. Yes.

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