I have written a cover letter for an internship in the USA, but i fear it contains a lot of mistakes and inapropriate sentences.
So if anyone had time to read it and correct mistakes I would be really grateful.
Thanks in advance.

Dear Ms.XX,

I write concerning the opportunity to perform a six-month internship as part of xx. I am extremely interested in the synthesis of surfactant and intermediate internship.
I study chemistry in the engineering section of XXX. Taking part in a six-month internship with your company during the year 2014 would present a unique opportunity to increase my knowledge of chemistry, to hone my lab skills and to perfect my English.
I already possess a solid knowledge of organic and analytical chemistry and have a considerable amount of practical experience. For example, this year I successfully performed a six-month long internship in the Quality Control Operation Department of XX, the Netherlands. During this internship, I was in charge of the analysis of sample tests by HPLC and I have also carried out several projects for the development and the improvement of analytical methods. This taught me to function independently as part of a team and provide me a great deal of practical experience. I am hard-worker, focused and able to provide high-quality and thorough work under time conditions.
Should you desire any further information about me or my qualifications for this opportunity as part of the Technology Center lab of the research and innovation center in XX, please do not hesitate to contact me. I have attached my resume and look forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely yours,