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    die on that hidden rock.

    What does "die on that hidden rock." mean here? "Physically on the surface of the rock" or just "because of the rock"?

    21) The Inchcape Rock is a great rock in the North Sea. Most of the time it is covered with water. That causes many boats and ships (A) crash / to crash onto the rock. The rock is so close to the top of the water that all the vessels that try to sail over it (B) hit / hits it. More than a hundred years ago, a kind-hearted man lived nearby. He thought that it was tragic for so many sailors to die on that hidden rock. So he fastened a floating mark to the rock with a strong chain, on top of (C) it / which a bell was attached. When ships came near, the waves made the mark float back and forth and the bell ring clearly. Now, sailors were no longer afraid to cross the sea there. [3점]

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    Re: die on that hidden rock.

    There could be elements of both ideas there.

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