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    can you help me to revise me my letter

    In today’s society, it is easy to not to cheat others. It is the surrounding environment not personal reason that makes it difficult to be a hundred percent honest. Nonetheless, to be absolutely honest, at some point, is harmful to both yourself and others. At grade 9, everyone was busy with tense review for the final exam. Because of my excellent science academic results, many classmates came to ask me the questions about electricity. At that time ,electricity was a very difficult course for the junior school students. I have only a flimsy grasp of the subject, so I honestly told my classmates that I could not teach them. However, they all considered my answers as a gesture to put on airs and a fear that they may surpass me in physics. After that, my classmates who used to play basketball and have meals together started to keep distance from me.

    Since then, I stubborned deemed honesty as a bad thing. Being honesty would not receive any praise. On the contrary, it brought about queries and harm. Thanks to my talent in science and my unique studying methods, my science subjects results ranked top in class. Thus there were often many classmates coming to me for my notebooks and exam papers. I used to teach and give them everything without reservation. But after hurting by my honesty, I would politely express that my note was not complete yet instead. I also withdrew myself from the sports meeting. All in all, I learned to reserve, to hide and to escape. I shut doors to the outside for a very long time and my friend begin to distance themselves from me. Born into an abundant family, I arrogantly thought it was not a big deal not having friends. Besides, it may give me more freedom and comfort to study and live. And so, I lived out my middle school years selfishly, taking the senior high school entrance exam and enrolled by the best key high school in the city.

    In this elite school, which was named Excellent High School all the time, all my classmates are the best of the best. Many of them are no less outstanding than me in academic results. When with the students who are inferior in academy, they speak out their weakness without scruple and take advice from others. I envy of their modesty and sincerity, and I decide to find myself again, a energetic and happy boy. I abandon the selfish self and live without masks. High school life is short and we will soon drift apart. Nonetheless, what I have learned and experience will be my lifetime assets.

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    Re: can you help me to revise me my letter

    Welcome to the forum.

    What is the purpose of your piece?
    Remember - if you don't use correct capitalisation, punctuation and spacing, anything you write will be incorrect.

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