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    correction in sentences


    Could you pls help me in answering few questions from my assignment?

    I. Consider the following requests. All are asking the same thing, but using different language:

    Would you help me out?
    Could you possibly help me out?
    Do me a favour and help me out?
    Help me out will you?

    a. Give examples of three other ways we could make this request.
    b. What factors are important in deciding which of these forms should be used
    c. Which exponent of request would you choose to teach to a beginner class? Why?

    II. Also pls correct the below sentences:
    Iíve been understanding you all along.
    b.Look at the sky! It will snow.

    If possible, pls reply soon as I have to submit my assignment without further delay.


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    Re: correction in sentences

    Welcome to the forum.

    As I'm sure you read in the forum guidelines, we do not help with homework or assignments. You must do the best you can and submit your assignment for marking. When you get it back with corrections and comments, you are welcome to come back to us for help if you do not understand any of the teacher's corrections. I am closing this thread in case anyone misses the fact that it's an assignment and gives you the answers.
    Remember - if you don't use correct capitalisation, punctuation and spacing, anything you write will be incorrect.

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