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    Can someone please please check my research paper!?

    *Please check mostly for any grammar mistakes, awkward sentences, unity and coherence, things like that. I've re-read it multiple times but I'm still not sure about the grammar and I really need a good grade on this. You don't have to worry about the citations, I'll check those myself. Also, is my thesis good? It's the last sentence in the first paragraph. I'm supposed to have a limited subject and one controlling phrase(opinion word). My limited subject is Mother Teresa and my controlling phrase is that she dedicated her life to assisting impoverished and sickly people.. Also, does each paragraph have a subject and an adequate controlling phrase? I think so but not sure. My teacher also tells us to give detail and be specific. Please help and thank you. I'd really appreciate it!

    Mother Teresa, born Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu in Skopje, Macedonia in 1910, was the youngest of three children (Egan 1). In 1928, when she was only 18 years old, she joined a nunnery in Ireland, and after six weeks, she went to India to teach and asked to work with Calcutta’s underprivileged (Paris 1). She taught at the Saint Mary’s High School, located in the suburbs of Calcutta. It was there that she learned basic nursing skills, which she later used to help others (Pace 3). From that moment on, Mother Teresa dedicated her life to assisting impoverished and sickly people of the world.

    Mother Teresa and her Order of the Missionaries of Charity, which she established in 1950, created many shelters in several countries (Pace 1). For instance, in Calcutta, she wanted a place where poor people could die in peace. She was given a one-story building, which had to be restored for that purpose. Once the improvements were completed, the structure was renamed Nirmal Hriday. According to Eric Pace, “the dying were cared for with compassion” (3). Furthermore, she established an AIDS clinic in New York City on December 24, 1985 (Egan 3).

    Mother Teresa made it her priority to aid those who were less fortunate, regardless of their status, religion, or ethnic group. For example, she organized medical centers, soup kitchens, housing for alcoholics and drug addicts, and orphanages. By 1988, the order of the Missionaries of Charity regulated 600 medical centers, where approximately four million citizens acquired healing. “She also came to be honored around the world for the compassionate, effective way she set up and oversaw projects to provide care and [well-being] to the very poor and the very sick…”(Pace 1).

    Other individuals recognized her altruistic efforts. In 1979, Mother Teresa won the Noble Peace Prize because of her dedication and perseverance. She was reluctant to accept it at first, because she felt like she was undeserving of it. However, she eventually took it in honor of all those that she cared for and used the prize money to fund her humanitarian activities (“Sainthood” 3). Her image can be found on stamps from several different countries, such as Tanzania, Guyana, and India (Paris 1).

    Mother Teresa was moved by the people she helped and met in her travels. In 1975, she went to a conference which was held at the United Nations. During her speech, she suddenly remembered a dying lady on a Calcutta road. She told the group very quietly, “I knew she was dying. After I did what I could, she took my hand, gave me a beautiful smile and thanked me. She gave me more than I gave her” (Pace 1). When she went to Pakistan in 1991, she embraced a young child with a hug at the airport (Egan 2). If Mother Teresa witnessed a starving person on the road, she kindly gave him/her a plate of rice, and a piece of bread so that person could be satisfied (Egan 3).

    Mother Teresa was often called a saint. She never wondered how these people became poor in the first place. She kindly supported them without asking too many questions (Spink 126). Some people described Mother Teresa as “a living saint or the saint of the slums” (“Sainthood” 3).

    Mother Teresa was concerned for the welfare of others. By providing them with food, shelter, and medical care, she was quickly known all around the world for her commitment and devotion towards mankind. By receiving recognition, such as the Nobel Peace Prize, she became well-known for her many achievements. This nun proved to be a true angel, as she guided those who felt nothing but misfortune and suffering throughout their lives. Even though Mother Teresa is no longer with us, she is still a great example for others to follow.
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    Re: Can someone please please check my research paper!?

    As you will see on the Home page, we do not help with homework or assignments on the forum. It is up to you to get a good grade! You must write the best essay you can, without help and submit your work to your teacher/tutor, not our work. After you receive your essay back with corrections and comments, you are free to come back to us for help if you don't understand any of the corrections.

    I am now closing this thread so that no-one else accidentally works on your piece without noticing that it is to be graded.
    Remember - if you don't use correct capitalisation, punctuation and spacing, anything you write will be incorrect.

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