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    Post please check my essay, i have ONLY 1 hour to finish it!

    1. The Ciceroís speech On my house is an expression of disagreement against the injustice, which was caused by takeover Ciceroís property by Clodius. His house has been destroyed and after the area (on which this house stood) was consecrated. This incident has happened in 1st century B.C., in the time when customary law was in force and an important role in the creation of the law and itís application played pontiffs. According to this law, once consecrated place could not be use as a private property. In this case also had an influence the regulation called adrogation. This appearance has been broadly elaborated by Cicero in his speech.
    2. In the early Roman history in the process of law creation the pontiffs have participated, so it is not hard to see, that there was no clear distinction between system of law built on rituals, conceptions connected with magic and rational side of understanding law. The pontiffs (the most important priests in the Roman religion) had a significant position in the law procedures - they controlled religious state system. In the Ciceroís case the role of the pontiffs was the decision of whether the former home of Cicero must rebuild public money and oppose the previously existing law , or to limit their activities in this regard to the applicable rules.

      3. Cicero points in his speech that his case was an example of interfusing two ways of functioning the current law. He shows, that sacred rules and religious law exists next to the state law. The essence of this case is also a legal rule called adrogation. In ancient Rome it was a way for the continuation of families without children. Cicero explicity shows the difference between life sacred, full of religious rituals and the real inheritance of private property. Cicero proves in his speech, that not only adrogation did not have any legal force, but also Clodius did not become a tribune legally. Those conditions shows that takeover his property by Clodius was also unlawful.

      4. To sum up, the ritual law and state law cannot interfere with each other. Governing law must be uniform and internally consistent. Cicero, expressing his disapproval, opposed to the faulty construction of the legal system of ancient Rome. As a result, recovers his property, which again can be operated privately, at the expense of public jurisprudence.

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    Re: please check my essay, i have ONLY 1 hour to finish it!

    We don't correct students' essays before they have been marked/graded by their teachers, Holly.

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