Hello, I am writing my motivation letter as an application for Tilburg University. Could anyone help me perhaps?

I was born in Diessen and moved to Oirschot at the age of six. There, I went to the Paulusschool, one of the local primary schools. When I was thirteen years old, I went to the Jacob Roelands Lyceum in Boxtel, which can be seen as the equivalent of an English grammar school. At the moment, I am in my last year of gymnasium, also called 6VWO. My best subjects are mathematics and the languages (English, French, Latin and German). In my fourth year of secondary school I recieved myFCE-certificate and I recieved my CAE-certificate this July. Since my school provided the English Plus (Cambridge) class, the administrators decided to take us on a trip to Cambridge. While there, we stayed in small groups with our host families and we took courses at the university. Most of my family lives in the Netherlands and a few members live abroad in countries such as: the USA, New Zealand and China. My father owns an architectural office, and looking up to him in his position my whole life, achieving my dream job and leading a team with the joy he does have become my aspirations.

My family and I are really interested in cultures and so we have traveled to countries such as Italy, Thailand, Sweden and France. In Thailand, where we went this summer, I started to learn Thai with the help of our local tour guide , who is still supporting me through e-mail and social media, while I help her learning the Dutch language. I aspire to see a lot more of the world and to learn more languages to be able to communicate with more people. Next summer I will be attending a 3-week trip to New York, to improve my English skills. Ive got many affinities with languages and foreign exchanges.

The main reasons for me to choose this particular programm in Tilburg are: The possibilities that are offered when thinking about international exchanges and the experiences that I will most definitely gain by studying and cooperating with international students. Tilburg is a very nice city and it is close to my town, which is very important to me, since most of my friends and family live there. I prefer working in small groups, and i am used to cooperating, due to my ambition for hockey and team building.
I went to the open days and I participated in the Student for one day-day, where I had the chance to try out the programm, from that day on I was sure about my choice to apply to this programm. Next to that I searched for a university that can help me to develop my skills in economics and management in an international context. This program fits extremely well with my desire to start an international career.

Furthermore, I aspire to complete a master in marketing, or in an other master at Tilburg University or a University abroad. My dream is working in a position such as corporate finance, marketing, management or sales.