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    Unhappy Text from a video

    Hey, I need a text from this 5 mins clip:
    I tried to write it myself today but I can't understand every single word (my english is not good enough). Could you check and correct it please? I would very appreciate that, I need it on my English class tommorow.

    Here it is:

    Laminate is a thin decorative surface layer that is usually glued onto a particle board base to create a countertop. Laminate is by far the most affordable countertop material on the market. It comes in endless choices of colors and patterns, from solids to simulated wood or granite.

    They also use laminate for kitchen cabinets, furniture and laboratory surfaces. And they manufacture fast food restaurants sitting among other things, out of a thicker solid form of the material called compact laminate. The back of a laminate sheet is made of a type of craft paper that can be saturated without becoming ?????????????. A ????????? drenches them with resin containing phenol. A compound derived from benzene. The resin doesnít merely coat the paper, it absorbs right through. The paper then enters a drying ????????. The hot air cures the resin in a matter of seconds, now they can wind the paper into a role. The top of a laminate is called the decorative layer, itís a sheet of paper in either a printed design or a solid color. Solid color papers go through a ???????? that impregnates them, with a more durable ??????? resin. Durability is essential, because the decorative layer must withstand wear and tear. Two big rollers ??????? the excess resin, than the saturated resin goes through a drying ???????. With the resin now cured a cutter slices the paper into sheets. Before resin treatment the paper was flexible and easy to tear. Now its stiff and brittle, bended and ??????????? like a potato chip.

    While the roles of saturated craft paper get cut into sheets, workers prepare the other style of decorative layers, those with printed designs such a simulated wood ??????? and granite. The treatment process for these papers is quite different than for the solid color papers.

    Workers start by cutting them into sheets the same length thatís the craft paper sheets. These papers donít go into a ?????? to be saturated with a resin, instead workers stack them, placing an overlay on each one. An overlay is a transparent sheet of paper thatís saturated with ???????? resin . Workers stack the solid color sheets in the same pile but those donít need overlays because theyíve already been resin saturated. Now the stack goes to the press room. There, workers put saturated craft paper under each decorative layer. On top of each decorative layer they lay a textured plate. This will prevent the finish laminates from sticking together.

    Everything now goes into a press. The intense heat and pressure compress the layers, the overlays bone to the printed papers, and the saturated craft paper bones to each decorative layer creating laminate sheets. The textured plates between each set meanwhile imprint their pattern onto the heatís ???????? resin, texturing the laminate surface. The laminates come out of a press fully cured.

    On the finishing line the machines trim off any excess paper on the edges and ?????? the back of sheets, this helps the laminated ?????? better when glued to particle board or another type of substrate. To produce compact laminates, workers compile affixed stack of black saturated craft papers and sandwich it between two decorative layers. The press melts and bonds all the sheets into a solid unit, ????????? colors produces? ??????? edge. Compact laminates are so thick theyíre entirely self-supporting, so unlike laminate sheets they donít need to be applied to a substrate.

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    Re: Text from a video

    bartek, we don't do your homework assignments.

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