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    Unhappy Pls help me with punctuation and grammar urgently

    The American doctor did not have any background about, society, religion, relationship between people and cow in India. But he knew that India had a lot of cows, and he wants to help India by reduce the cow number by using the loop. Firstly, the American doctor traveled to India with lack of information about the country. As a result of that, when he talked with narrator about the contraceptive cows an Indian man interrupted him and he said you want to reduce the cow. An Indian man replied you can not because cows produce the butter, transportation, and ghee. Secondly, in India there is a religion which is Hindus, and they pray to cows. To illustrate, he can not make the loop because the Hindus will refuse that because they believe that cow had medicine in their urine. Finally, India had poor people who depended on their cows. For instance, some Indian people used the cows for their transportation, and they got the milk, butter etc. To sum up, the sterilization expert did not have any idea about what cow mean in India. In my opinion, the expert feels upset about what he knows about cow. I think the doctor is mad because he did not know anything about India and their relationship with cows.

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    Re: Pls help me with punctuation and grammar urgently

    about, society - about society ( do you mean knowledge? If so, then I would use 'in')
    relationship- the
    cow- plural
    he wants- don't change tense
    narrator - the
    the contraceptive cows- contraceptives for cows
    reduce the cow- reduce the numbers of cows
    can not- cannot
    there is a religion which is Hindus- there is the Hindu religion
    that cow had medicine- cows have
    who depended- depend (this section should be in the present because it is describing facts about the religion)
    what cow- cows

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