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    Doubt on "To be tested "

    Hey all
    Plz tell me the difference between these sentense.
    1.Files to be tested
    2.Files is to be tested
    3.Files has to be tested.

    What situation can i use these sentence.
    Thanks & Regards

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    Re: Doubt on "To be tested "

    The first one isn't a sentence. It's a phrase. "to be tested" modifies "files", like this: "These are the files (that are) to be tested". Note, words inside the brackets (. . .) are often omitted.

    The second sentence has a subject-verb agreement error. It should be, "Files are to be tested." The phrase 'are to be' is short for (a) "will be" and (b) "are supposed to be".

    The third sentence houses the modal "have to". It's synonymous with must.

    Hope that helps.

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