No specific requirements in cover letter. Could you please also tell me what should be add in or delete? If there are grammar mistakes or informal language using please inform me! Really appreciate your help! Thank you in advance.

Dear Sir or Madam
I am writing to apply for the Master's Degree program in Supply Chain Management at ###University. My career objective is to become an analyst in the manufacturing and logistics industries.

I will graduate in July 2014 with a Bachelor degree and with an average score about 3 out of 4 which is compatible to 7 in Dutch education system. I studied two years in China and had an opportunity to studied further two years in the Netherlands. So I will also graduate from ### University in July 2014. Having lived and studied in two different countries throughout my academic years has sparked my interest in the international business field. During my undergraduate studies in China, I was exposed to a broad range of subjects in accounting, microeconomics, probability and statistics, marketing and IELTS learning. You can see more details from course description. Two years studies in the Netherlands are more like applied theory into practice. I learned a lot from group projects and guest lectures. I must say I was always treating myself as a student and never think about real case in real life. For example make contact with businessman or have a business meeting. However, every module in ### University is a real case. I talked to employees and customers for data collection. I designed questionnaire and prepared interview questions. I hosted a business meeting and tried to handle conflicts among different parties. My time spent in the Netherlands has brought enduring transformations in all aspects of my life that assisted me in attaining my academic, personal and career goals. My communication skills improved a lot also become more confidence and pro-active.

The reasons I choose ### University are as followings: First I choose the Netherlands because its reputation worldwide in transport, trade and logistics. That’s also the reason I choose to study supply chain management. The relatively low fee, safety, friendly Dutch people are also why I chose the Netherlands. Second ### University is the most international university in the Netherlands. I like multi-culture environment and really enjoy experience different cultures. I also appreciate the wide range of offered modules and the freedom in making study plan. Many courses such as supply chain metrics and supply chain research methods are what I am interested in. From speaking with students from your university and other universities, I am confident of my decision. Third is the excellent rating for teaching and the overall friendly atmosphere at both the university as well as the city. I went to ### once; I should say it is a lovely and charming city. The uniqueness and challenge that this program represents makes this an appealing and rewarding master’s degree to complete for me. Hope this program can help me find a good job as an analyst in the manufacturing and logistics industries in China. Forth is the extensive database with internship opportunities as well as the internship offered and company visits. I am interested in doing an internship in the Netherlands. I definitely want to do the extracurricular internship after I complete two courses in master’s programme. The direct contact with employers through internships is very attractive. Those opportunities are aligned with my finance and career focus. I found many students in the western countries choose to work first and then take the master program to update their knowledge. The situation is slightly different in China, where graduate education is becoming more and more of a basic threshold for employment. That’s why I want to study master first and why the inter information is very important for me.

The last reason also the most important one is the learning methods ### offered. Problem-based learning is the most effective way in acquiring knowledge that I have ever experienced. I come from China. I was used to learning things by taking notes so called ‘spoon feed teaching’. The class is boring, students talking or playing mobile phones during class although they all under study pressure. PBL sessions provide me a completely different study experience. As you may know, ### University also uses the PBL method. I am currently in minor international market orientation. In PBL group we have students from American, the Netherlands, Germany and China. I just finished one session ‘Hofstede who’, we talked about Hofstede’s dimensions and draw graph on the blackboard, which you can directly see differences among different countries. That’s something I cannot experience from my old university. PBL is not only way to study theories but also enable us learn from others and make friends. In an international class, the worst things are one country’s students sit together and talk with their own language. It is quite often but I don’t like that. In prior module, when I realized my PBL group members are all Chinese students (I assumed something went wrong with group division because it should not happened) I changed my group to another group. In my opinion, if I can do exactly same thing as I am in China, I should not go abroad for studying.

Thank you for considering my request. I am looking forward to your positive response.

Yours sincerely