The overweight children is serious and growing problem in developed countries. Although many people believe that overweight children is due to fast food outlets, others are of the opinion that parents don't look after their children health.

There are evidences that junk food which is available at every corner contributes to obesity in children. It was confirmed by many surveys that fast food doesn't contain much fiber. Consequently, the more children consume fast food, the more they eat more food all day along because they don't feel full.

However, some people argue that parents are responsible for allowing their children to become overweight. Most parents in developed countries are busy, they don't have enough time to prepare healthy meal for their children. In addition to this, good eating habits begin early in life. If not, children certainly will choose fast food.

Other factors could lead to obesity. These days, children take less exercices. They spend hours in front of television and computers. Sitting in front of screens and eating foods becomes their hobby.

To conclude, I honesty blame fast food outlets and parents in increasing overweight children. Both should tackle this problem and provide suitable solutions. As well, children ought be encouraged to be more active.