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    Lightbulb Infinitive, Gerund and Participle

    I'm not quite sure that everything is correct) Check me please)

    1. Suddenly I was asked a question and felt the blood rushing to my face.
    2. I was very nervous as I was not used to speaking in public.
    3. I seem to have put on the weight. Iíve been eating too much recently.
    4. I greatly recommend reading this book. Itís a real page-turner.
    5. It was suggested I take up a new project, but I wasnít sure I could manage to do it.
    6. John answered roughly and darted across the street. When I saw the car spatter him with mud I couldnít help laughing. It served him right.
    7. Having lived all his life in England he forgot his native language.
    8. Being a decent man he felt uncomfortable firing Mrs. Gardner Ė she had worked for the company more than 30 years.
    9. Do not worry, I happened to work with such programs.
    10. Donít you know that our boss doesnít allow the stuff to smoke here? When he saw Jim smoking once he threatened to fire him.
    11.Richard is unlikely to ring up. Heís said to have left for Berlin.
    12.I was sleeping sound in the morning so I didnít hear the alarm clock went off.
    13.When Jack realized that I saw him enter the room and take the documents from the table, he advised me strongly not to tell anybody about it. He seemed to be threatening and begging at the same time.
    14.He seemed to have achieved everything he wanted.
    15. I used to sneak out in the evenings when I was supposed to be studying in me room.
    16.On that day we happened to have dinner at Janeís.
    17.Heís known to be wounded thrice in the war.
    18.I donít allow smoking in the car! Tobacco smoke bugs me.
    19.I was staying in the entry waiting for Charles to come back.
    20.Waiting for coffee to be served I lit a cigarette.

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    Re: Infinitive, Gerund and Participle

    We don't check homework before your teacher has seen it.

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