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    Cool it gets you...

    Pls help.

    1) The context is:

    We have to be the best we can be in every area of our lives. "A chain is only as strong as its weakest link" applies to success also. There are varying degrees of success, but whichever degree we choose to achieve, its longevity of success will be determined by how unilaterally success we are in our entire lives.

    Q1: Pls explain what "unilaterally success" here mean.

    Q2: "A chain is only as strong as its weakest link" means all links in the chain must be strong?

    2) Godís in his heaven and allís well with the world.

    What does it exactly mean?

    3) It is not so important that you get it as it is that it gets you.

    What a sentence! Pls help...

    4) If we taste something that we've never tasted before, we generally respond with "It tastes like..." and we do this at the slightest hint of familiarity.

    Does it mean "we try to link to our familiarity but what "slightest" here is.

    Thanks so much,

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    Re: it gets you...

    1- Firstly, it should be 'successful'. It means successful as individuals, independently.
    b- Yes- a chain with thousands of strong links and one weak link is weak- it will still break.
    2- It means that everything is going well.
    3- It is more important that it understands you than you understand it.
    4- Something that is familiar in a very small way enables us to start making comparisons to things we know.


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