successful sports professionals can earn a great deal, more money than other people in other important professions. some people think that fully justified , others think it is unfair. discuss both these views and give your opinion.

I totally agree that the most popular sports players can not only gain a lot of money but also receive several deals. It can not be found in other fields . I n my opinion it is unfair at all.

To begin with, it can be found that the successful athletes can easily become stars due to their wide popularity and fan's large number. Moreover, several companies and famous brand producers find it more brilliant and successful idea to make deals with sport players to be their advertisements stars. Hence, it is common to find, for example, a football player as advertisement's star for hair cream, sport clothes, shoes brand, or even car brand. In spite of the fact that athletes earn tremendous salaries, they do a lot of efforts and train gruelingly every day to enable their team earning competitions.

on the other hand, there are several successful, brilliant professionals in many fields who even though do their efforts to help their society, they can not earn salaries that suit their efforts and vocations. For example, doctors spend about 10 years in studying and internship to save our life, teachers who are not only do their best in teaching and learning but also they inspire new generations to be able to face their future with open minds and positive thinking. Moreover, lawyers who spend their life facing injustice, and help people to return their rights. All these brilliant professionals do their best to force and change their society to the better, but unfortunately, they do not receive the suitable compensation that appropriate their efforts and their vocations.

It can be concluded that, it is very important in any society that everybody should feel valuable and compensated . This can not be occur unless the salaries distributions be appropriated with the efforts, vocations, specialization of each professional.