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    word order


    Could you please tell me whether the following sentence is correct as it stands in terms of word order? I am not sure about the "more and more" part: Traffic jams are worsening and angry, impatient motorists are more and more endangering pedestrians.

    Another question. Which preposition is better in the following sentence - at or in?
    I have been studying English for six years, two at/in primary school and four at/in secondary modern school. I am asking because Michael Swan says in his book Practical English Usage: "At is used to say where people study."

    Thank you.

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    Re: word order

    As for your word order, the expression "more and more" should be placed at the end of the sentence. If I were you I would change a bit the sentence since it is awkward. Try this: Traffic jams are worsening; angry and impatient motorists are endangering pedestrians more and more.

    As for the preposition, it is true that you use the at to say where people study but specifically when naming the institution. In your case of generalizing the school, in would be appropriate.

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