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    A treat and a half

    I was wondering what does "a treat and a half" mean exactly? You can find many Google results of it, such as
    "Peter Davison donates a treat and a half to the Doctor Who 50th celebrations."
    "It's a treat and a half when a lovely new coffee shop opens just a few minutes walk away, nestled amongst the lanes."
    That was a treat and a half. I think the lace is fabulous and she was such a beautiful bride."
    An alternative to the cakes and pies, this double decker pudding is a treat and a half. "

    Thank you,

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    Re: A treat and a half

    Adding "and a half" to a noun is a slang way of adding emphasis, a device that is pretty popular and common in AmE. A treat and a half just means a really nice treat, but the expression can be applied to many nouns. For example, if my friend has a dog that is very big, or outstandingly canine in some other way, I could say "That's a dog and a half." However, I recommend that learners avoid it. As with much slang, there are subtle nuances governing when it is appropriate and when it is not.

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