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    Essay grammar question


    I'm writing an essay and came across this problem:

    I'm talking about my "login credentials" (username and password) for a web site. No problems here.

    Then I have: "Retrieval of login credentials". No problems yet.

    Here comes the tough part:

    I want to put "Retrieval of login credentials" in the direct form:

    "Login credential retrieval" or "Login credentials retrieval"

    Which one is correct?

    I don't know if it is correct, but I prefer the first form as there are no "s" 'es.

    Thank you

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    Re: Essay grammar question

    Hello Philip

    It's difficult to say without the exact context; but both seem possible:

    1. Login credential retrieval

    — here, your name and password are treated separately. Each constitutes a "login credential". The process therefore consists of two acts of retrieval.

    2. Login credentials retrieval

    — here, your name and password are treated together. Together, they constitute your "login credentials". The process therefore consists of one act of retrieval.


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