Commonly, people read newspapers to discover world current affairs and read magazines for entertainment. Due to the high competition, responsibles of these types of media endeavor to attract huge quantities of readers. Therefore, we find out most of newspapers write and display private lives of famous people. Furthermore, nowdays, rather than magazines, many newspapers feature pages and pages on special lives of celebrities which neither informative nor useful.

In my point of view, newspapers should not include stories about secret life of people for some reasons. Initially, it is not an appropriate way to catch people to buy newspaper by revealing secrets of people. Now, people want to read what is beneficial for their life like health field, and business field, and they want to be extensively informed about world affairs. If newspapers publish an article about famous people, they should give attention to their public events; for exemple, their works of charity and their calls for peace. I strongly believe that newspapers must take these into account ;otherwise, the number of readers will certainly decrease.

On the other hand, magazines are more importantly considered to the issue of celebrities. I would say that it is a pride for famous personalities that magazines to show their achievements like albums and movies and so on. However, the embarrassing and unacceptable stuff is telling the public rumors and untrue stories. This may affect their lifestyle and destroy their life and may cause death as well. As an exemple, Princess Diana was killed because she was chased by paparazzi.

In conclusion, it is truly unconditioned right that midea write and point to works of celebrities. Yet, it is also a natural right for famous to have normal and personal life. Media should preseve this right and the concerned people' s private life should be protected because their life is subject to dangers.